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Public Works Superintendent

The City’s Public Works Superintendent manages a team of four exceptional individuals whose responsibility it is to maintain Parchment’s streets, water and sewer system, parks and recreation facilities, storm water system and city buildings. Much of the work assigned to DPW is seasonal in nature and includes snow removal, street maintenance and pothole patching, sidewalk repair, water and sewer line maintenance and repair, property maintenance and mowing, storm drain cleaning and repair, and maintaining City Hall and other City facilities. The Public Works Superintendent can be contacted at (269) 344-6400 or email gro.tnemhcrap@tnednetnirepus.  Need to report a problem?   Click here to use our handy online reporting system!

Friendly Winter Reminders

Sidewalks:  Public sidewalks provide safe routes to schools, bus stops and other important destinations.  City Code requires all sidewalks to be cleared of snow and ice throughout the winter season.

Fire Hydrants:  The Parchment Fire Department requests property owners to clear snow away from any fire hydrants on or adjacent to their property.  Should there be a fire nearby, it is imperative that firefighters have clear access to fire hydrants so that fire hoses can be immediately attached and used to fight the fire.  We know that it can be challenging to keep up with winter maintenance, however, good property stewardship is appreciated by the City of Parchment and your fellow neighbors as well.  If you become aware of a neighbor who might need assistance with property maintenance this winter, lend a hand if you are able.

City of Parchment Water System

The City of Parchment owns and operates its own water system providing clean safe water to its residents, as well as residents living in nearby Cooper Township.