City Administration

City Manager

The City Manager is the chief executive of the City of Parchment. As chief executive, the Manager is responsible for all aspects of City government operations. He reports directly to the Parchment City Commission. To contact the City Manager, please call (269) 349-3785 or email gro.tnemhcrap@reganam.

City Attorney

The City Attorney reviews and advises the City Commission and City Administration on all legal matters, reviews contracts, pursues civil court matters and defends the City in litigation.

City Clerk

The City Clerk is responsible for managing all aspects of federal, state and local elections; receiving and responding to all requests for public information as the City’s Freedom of Information Act coordinator; keeping all records of the City; and coordinating meeting agendas, minutes and public notices. The City Clerk can be contacted at (269) 349-3785.

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City Treasurer

The City Treasurer manages all financial aspects of the City organization including tax billing and collections, utility billing and collection, real and personal property assessments, trash collection fees and contracts, City payroll and other accounting tasks, purchasing and annual budget preparation. The City Treasurer can be contacted at (269) 492-3262 or email gro.tnemhcrap@ecnanif.

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